Sunday, 30 September 2007

Happy Happy Happy.


(Has been Published on 'The F word' today- a prominent contemporary feminist website. Apologies for lack of blogs here but a combination of getting the above edited, a bad couple of weeks MH wise and then going down with tonsillitis has made me rather quiet! One or two more blogs are in the pipeline though, so hopefully October will be a more fruitful month for Syncopated thoughts.)



J Adamthwaite said...

Congratulation's!!!! (The exclamation marks represent the enthusiasm in my voice!) Really well done Jen; you and your writing both deserve it xxx

ZenJen said...

Thanks Jen!

Sorry for not replying on facebook. I've been poorly. I don't think recording this author things gonna happen. Sorry for messing you about if I have but I am not in best condition at mo and a big rewrite and recording session are not what doctor ordered. Again, sorry to disappoint.


J Adamthwaite said...

Don't be daft; I'm just sorry we couldn't accommodate you. Hope you're okay... you're right not to put yourself under any extra pressure. Look after yourself xxx